Lets make our blog as a Sadqa-e-Jaria - meaning, every time someone acts upon it even when we have died, up until the day of judgement, we keep on getting rewarded for it.insyaAllah..ammin..

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Over 2 light years across and over 2000 light years away from Earth: The Ghost Nebula (Hubble)

Over 2 light years across and over 2000 light years away from Earth: The Ghost Nebula (Hubble)

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Penthouse Condo by Design Milieu



This penthouse condo project was completed by Design Milieu, who joined two adjacent units to create a Warm and eclectic home, situated in Virginia. With a perfect balance of rawness and elegant charm, neutrals and pops of colour, this two bedroom, three bathroom property is a breath of fresh air.

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Unfortunately not all of my books fit onto my shelves when they are organized like this, so I’m having to say goodbye to this beautiful layout…



FOOD CHEMICALS:  Natural vs. Fake Honey…Commercial, Industrialized Honey from the Grocery Store is Filled with Food Additives


Fake honey is bought by big supermarket chains to re-package and put on their shelves with the label “Pure Honey” on it…most commercial honeys anywhere, especially ones packaged with supermarket logos on the labels, are processed junk…


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Supermarket Honey

Those jars and honey bears full of golden liquid are mostly not honey at all. It’s just syrup that tastes something like the real thing. Commercial processed honey has been heated, which destroys the wealth of nutrients it had when fresh out of the hive. It’s often diluted with water and high-fructose corn syrup to make it more manageable – and to stretch the product out. Its valuable pollen is taken out by forcing it through tiny filters. The result: a liquid that’s pretty to look at but is pretty much dead…

How can you identify real honey?

  • Check the label.  If the label states the name and contact details of an apiary close to home, you’ve likely to have the real thing in your hands. Also, labels that reveal the presence of additives reveal fake honey.
  • Real honey crystallizes over time, while honey diluted with high-fructose corn syrup stays pourable forever.
  • Drop a little honey into a small bowl of tap water. If it dissolves right away, it’s fake. Real honey takes a good amount of stirring to melt.
  • Taste it. Can you taste more than one flavor, like different flowers or herbs? That’s real honey. Fake honey only tastes sweet, with a little honey-like flavor.
Source: greenprophet.com


The Abraham Lincoln Book Tower! You can find it across the street from Ford’s theatre in Washington D.C., as a part of the Lincoln exhibit attached to the house where he died. 

This tower is 34 feet high and took only 2 weeks to create! My sister and I were debating whether they had to add a new book to it every time another Lincoln biography was published, but apparently they created this tower in 2010 and haven’t gone back to add anything to it. 

When I die, I would like this done to the books I own.